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Having a hard time organizing your business activities? Working late nights and early mornings? Greeted by jumbled mess of papers every single day? These are just a few of the heaps of problems business owners encounter when everything becomes too much to handle. The lack of system when running a business could be fatal – it could lead to failing to attract, convert and retain clients. And in the long run, it could cost money and your business in general.

Using CRMs like Infusionsoft has saved many businesses on the verge of closing down. Don’t know where to start? Talk to our Infusionsoft Specialists and let us help you. Our team of Infusionsoft specialists can help you:

  • Manage contacts (setting new contact, contact verification, research of details and cleanup for duplicates
  • Manage dashboard
  • Manage opportunities from creation, research, verification, updating to closing of deal
  • Upload documents on respective accounts
  • Monitoring of deals into accounts
  • Edit emails and forms in default templates like your campaign email, broadcast email, email confirmation, campaign and internal web form
  • Build campaigns (send automated emails, tag contacts, delay emails)
  • Upload product information
  • Add promotions (total order discount, shipping discount, upsell, etc.)

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